Thursday, October 25, 2007

It's Killing Me

By nature I make documentary type stuff. I don't feel comfortable letting my feelings show or dealing with personal matters in public arenas. This is definitely one of the most personal videos I've ever posted. I'd been toying with narrative work recently and when this idea was born was rather upset about my work in general and just me as a person. Luckily, I have great people in my life that encourage me to create even when I don't think I can and push me to do my best for me and not for what others. I hope whoever sees this enjoys it but I didn't make it for you. I made it for me. It was a struggle to even be willing to post it. I owe many thanks to David Stith for graciously letting me use his music. You can check his work out at I also owe many thanks to Dave Huth who always offers encouragement on my crazy ideas and provides me inspiration through his work. You can check his work out at "Real teachers make you believe in yourself, even when you would rather take the easy way out and quit. They draw the best out of you and their inspiration often gives you the courage to fight on." -Ron Lindeboom

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Some Houghton students and I participated in a contest promoted by Apple in which we had 24 hours to write, cast, shoot and edit a 3 minute short film. The top 25 films are screened before judges including Barry Sonnenfeld, James Mangold and Nora Ephron. However, in order to get into the top 25 we need you! The public votes in order to decide which films are good enough to get into the top 25.

We would really appreciate your vote.

To vote all you have to do is go here

There it will prompt you to login and give you further instructions if you don't have an apple ID. Apple makes it really easy to create an apple ID if you don't have one so please don't let that deter you from voting.

If you would like to know more about the process of participating I'm happy to answer any questions and there is a short press release on Houghton's website as well that you can find here