Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

What would happen if we wrote what we really wanted to say in Valentine's Day cards?
Music: Likewater "When You Hide"

I don't know what the deal with blip is right now. I can't get it to cross-post and I'm do tired to figure it out.

Full size version is here:


Andrew Huth said...


I really like this video. Thanks for sharing your thoughtfulness.


Chase said...

can we really say what we want? What would that do? If only it was possible...

Jeff said...

I like it, KB. Given the price of V-Day cards I'm guessing you dropped like $15 on this video!

Kerry said...

Come on Jeff I'm way to cheep for that. Dollar General!!!


a very touching video piece... and thought provoking in many positive ways;
(... still amazed though, by the american way where even the expression of feelings can be compressed into standardised cards, on a given day, thus becoming yet another tradable commodity to accommodate in life.)

nevertheless you use the opportunity with both dry, witty humour and fine thoughtfulness.i certainly hope your father gets to see your card. he probably misses you too, anyway.

best, sam