Tuesday, May 16, 2006


Well I guess you could call today the first real class type thing I've done on the project so far. Today we went through the footage I shot on sat. at graduation. I was pleasantly surprised that it was somewhat good. It was kind of like reading a book. You know how to read a book but if someone explains to you what it takes to go into the reading of the book its super intense. and...i stink at metaphors.

I was never really taught how to video tape. I mean I took a class in high school and shot video for a year with my church. That would be the class I called tech services for my teacher in because he couldn't figure out how to turn the editing system on. Oh yeah and I taught my teacher about DI boxes in that class to. Joke. Casablanca Avio. Ha. Anyway it was really interesting to have my professor analyze what I shot in real language. Its one thing to have an eye for something and another to know why it looks good.

Anytime a professor beat boxes to illustrate a point..you know its going to be a good go at something (in his defense he's working on a big project and thus not getting a whole lot of sleep.) This is going to be extremely challenging and stretching but at least its going to be fun! And when I say challenging and stretching I mean in a good way. The only way to be able to snowboard black diamonds is to start on squares and fall trying.

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